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About This Course

Do you want to become a professional English writer? Definitely, you want to be, but the problem is how to write English correctly? The skill Sets brings a solution to overcome your English writing deficiencies; this is Basic English Grammar Course, which is created by a seasoned English Teacher Muhammad Akmal, who has an extensive experience in English Teaching. The Basic English grammar is a comprehensive English grammar learning solution. This is a cost effective and affordable learning tool, which can make you able to learn English grammar on the go.

Basic English Grammar course is a video course, which comes with an opportunity to learn English by watching short but very professional videos. Just take this course, copy videos on your laptop or mobile and start learning English grammar. This is a trusted source to learn English grammar because more than 12000 students worldwide have learned English grammar with this course.

The Basic English grammar course is consisting 6 areas of English grammar and our English coaching team is also updating this course with the latest findings:

Parts of Speech You will start from the part of speech. This section consists of parts of speech training and you will learn A-Z about the parts of Speech in English.

Tenses (Active Voice and Passive Voice) The next 2 sections are about the Tenses including Active and Passive voice. Tenses are an important part of English grammar and Muhammad Akmal has taught English tenses here in details with examples and usage.

Direct and indirect speech The fourth section is about Direct and indirect speech. In this section you will learn about the single interrogative, Double Interrogative, Imperative sentences, Direct and indirect universal truth, Exclamatory Sentences, Optative sentences and much more.

Basic Grammar In the basic Grammar Section you will learn about the basic English grammar rules and Muhammad Akmal’s tips on English grammar. Furthermore, essay and report writing are also the part of this section.

Checking Writings Check writing is a very much important section of this course, where you will learn about English writing with exercises. In this section, Muhammad Akmal makes a critical analysis on writing samples by the student for your understandings.

So, this is a fantastic course to improve your English writing skills without any hesitation. This course can make you a good English Content Writer, which is a million dollar skills. Become a Content Writer and start your earning online. Just take this affordable English grammar learning solution and start boosting your English writing skills.

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