Ordering a course is very simple process. Just sign up with any of your social media like Facebook twitter and google plus or fill the form to sign up. Then you can select your desired course and order it. Fill in any further information asked, select payment option and submit your order
Yes. every now and then your course tutors are online on the website. They will be able to help you out during your course work.
In the past students have been learning these courses through DVDs and memory cards. So for roughly 20000 students have learnt from The Skill Sets courses. From recently onwards, all the courses are available for online learning.
We have career counseling professionals available to guide you on your career. You can always talk to us and we will take care of everything for you. We will guide you which courses are best suitable for you.
No. We send you data DVDs. They do not directly run on your DVD player. How ever, you can copy the DVDs data in your usb or memory card and play though USB mode.
Yes. When you order courses in bundles, you get best value for your money. We have bundles up commonly bought together courses. You can also make a custom bundle and apply the given coupons. Please refer to our coupon page for more details.
Yes. Once you successfully complete your course, you will pass some tests and we will send your course certificate.
Yes. If you are below 25% of the course completion, you may ask for the refund/change your course. How ever, after you have takes 25% or above of the course, we encourage you to complete your course and earn a certificate.
Yes. you can works with us in may ways. You can apply for an affiliate program from the skill sets and you can sell courses from your affiliate programs. We will share a handsome part of the courses bought from your affiliate link.