English Foundation Course for Beginners

Start English from Zero: Learn from English alphabets. If you want to learn English from start, then take this English foundational course for beginners and start learning.

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Created by: Muhammad Akmal Urdu Published date: 05/25/2019 (3)

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About This Course

The English Foundation Course for Beginners is a special course, which is created by The Skill Sets team for those people who don’t know English even from basics. If you don’t know English, even the alphabets of English, then you should take this course and start learning English - from the very basic level. This course is a complete and comprehensive solution to learn English from the start. Your English coach is teaching you English in this course through very simple and easy methods.

This course can be very helpful for your family member, who doesn’t know the English, but want to learn English at home. This can also be very helpful for the young child to prepare his/her English syllabus. All the Basic English grammar, syntax structure, brainstorming ideas and much more has been covered in this course.

What you will learn in this Course?

This course is for beginners, so in this course you will learn English alphabets and basic things about the recognition of English words, Basic English sentence making techniques and English vocabulary. The key areas of learning are given below:

  • Recognition and practice of English alphabets
  • Vowels and consonants – recognition, function and use
  • Making of basic Work from letters
  • Parts of speech
  • Making sentences – with parts of speech
  • Brainstorming Ideas
  • Practical Exercises and much more

This Course Comes with:

  • Very special learning approaches for beginners
  • Special exercises and practical tips
  • Short but very professional lectures
  • Practical trainings for beginners
  • Special tips to make you able to write and read English on your own

Duration of this Course:

This is One month course. You will be able to learn basic level English in your home just within 20-30 days. Within this short span of time, you will be fully able to read and write English on your own.

This Course is for:

People who don’t know English even English alphabets; they can take and start learning English in this course. Any of your family member or friend, who don’t know about English; even the alphabets of English, can take and start this course to learn English.

Examination and Certificate:

During and after the completion of this course, an exam will be conducted and you will be awarded a certificate from The Skill Sets for the successful completion of this Foundation English Course.

About The Instructor

Muhammad Akmal is the teacher of this English Foundation Course for beginners. He is a very expert English coach, who is teaching English grammar, English accents, business English and many other branches of English for more than 15 years.

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Maaz khan

This course is very best for beganear very easy to learn sir akmal is great teacher of english languach in all pakistan
Abdul Basit

very nice Akmal sir
Saghir Akmal

Very easy to learn with sir Akmal
Laiba Akmal

This course is really great course. The people who even not know a single word of alphabet of english this course is really good for those

About the instructor

Muhammad Akmal


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