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Created by: Iftikhar Bashir Urdu Published date: 03/16/2016 (1)

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About This Course

World of internet is full of opportunities. Millions of people around the world are earning billion dollars yearly through the internet. There are several platforms where you can sell your services and start making money online. Now you can sell you writing, editing, creative, development and much more on the internet to make money online. But, it is important for you to know about how to sell your skills on the internet earning platforms such as Fiverr.

Student on the skill sets were highly demanding for some tips and tricks to sell skills on Fiverr? As you know that finding a job now a days is a hard job in itself. Local jobs are dying as internet earning in Pakistan is on the rise. Internet has not only made communication easy but also made online jobs much easier than before.

Online earning in Pakistan is the trend of the day. There are many online jobs where you can join online earning websites and make money from home. This is the best home based job where you work part time online jobs and get great money.

It’s more fun in online earning in short time and spending the maximum time enjoying your life. There are many working woman in Pakistan who now spend some time earning online money and supplement their house income.

Responding all these problems and questions, experts on the skill sets developed a detailed Fiverr internet earning course. This course is an outstanding solution for all your difficulties and problems regarding Fiverr internet earning. This course is consisting of following areas of learning:

Introduction to Freelancing In this section you will learn about freelancing. What is freelancing and how can it help you to become rich just in days with your skills not any monetary investment.

Start Selling On Fiverr In this section, coach has taught you about Fiverr. You will learn in this section about what Fiverr is and how it is useful to make money online.

Creating Fiverr Account You are going to start making money online through Fiverr? You must have an account on Fiverr and how to create an account on Fiverr; this section is all about to create an account on Fiverr.

Creating Gig Fiverr is just like an offer which you are going to made on Fiverr. For example, you said “I will create a logo just in $5”, it’s a Fiverr Gig. So, how to create a strong gig on Fiverr; you will learn this all in this section.

Withdraw Money from ATM You worked on Fiverr and earned money, now it’s time to withdraw money. So, how to withdraw money from ATM; you will learn in this under this section.

Requirements for Fiverr Levels To have a strong account on Fiverr, you must have to complete levels on Fiverr successful. How you can do that; coach has taught you in this section.

Excellent Features of Fiverr Under this section you will learn some excellent features of Fiverr, so you could perform well on Fiverr.

Tricks to Get High Paying Clients How to get high paying clients on Fiverr? Fiverr training coach has shared some helpful tips and tricks to get high paying clients on Fiverr under this section.

Top Secrets Do you want to be successful on Fiverr? This section consists of some top secrets and tips to get success on Fiverr.

Some Extra Videos There are some special videos in this section for those who are eager to be successful and well performer on Fiverr. So, you must go through this whole course to become a successful earner on Fiverr.

So, take this fantastic course and start making money online. Learn how to sell your skills and become rich without making any monetary investment.

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About the instructor

Iftikhar Bashir

Iftikhar Bashir is an editing expert who is successfully working on freelancing platform particularly Fiverr and earning a handsome money every month. He is a level 2 seller on Fiverr who has many satisfied clients on Fiverr. Iftikhar earned handsome money through by selling his services on Fiverr.

To make you successful as he is on Fiverr; Iftikhar has developed Fiverr Training for you. Iftikhar is going to teach you very special tool, tact, methodologies to gain success on Fiverr.

Take Iftikhar Fiverr video training course and start a successful career on internet.


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