The Fun of Learning English Grammar; Use of ESL Resources

By M.Akmal
March 5, 2020

English is a widely spoken language around the world. However, it is not the top most commonly spoken language universally.

So, there are some parts in the world where English is bound to be considered a foreign language where it is taught as a course just like other subjects.

Many schools the world over have established and ESL course in their learning systems.

It is often a challenge for most students to learn the language and for teachers to teach the language.

This is because effective communication is barred due to language differences.

Nevertheless with a good teaching system and incorporation of interesting learning activities and games, the learning process can be made easier.

It is often said all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or as others may say a daft boy.

The saying shows the importance of incorporating fun activities in any consuming activity whether physical or mental.

The activities have also been proven to increase the rate of retaining memory and increase the motivation of the learner.

The following are examples of some effective ESL resources that any learner or teacher should incorporate to make the learning process easier.

Activities for learning English Grammar

Learning English Grammar is very important because it is the foundation that holds any writing and speaking skills.

If the lesson is boring then the learner’s mind tunes off and learning becomes harder each step of the way.

Learning the different components of English such as plurals, verbs, pronouns and adjectives can be very hard if done in full swing.

For example, if the lesson was to run for two or more hours. However the lessons can be made more interesting by incorporating the following activities;

Use of Abrupt Quizzes

Lectures are considered boring most of the time, especially when the tutor does not give an opportunity for other learners to make a contribution into the learning session.

To make the lesson interesting and improve communication skills, the tutor can formulate various questions on prepositions, verbs, nouns and so on.

He or she can issue paper tests with multiple answers or they can do a verbal recap of what they had previously taught or what they have just taught.

They can also give out prizes for correct answers such as an added point on the grades or any other small inexpensive valuable item.

Use of interactive websites

The learner or teacher can make a proposition to join an English learning website such as the and use the website in learning English.

The website has different tutors who offer interactive lessons. The lessons focus on improving the spelling of the learner, the pronunciation and overall confidence of the learner.

There are also listening activities provided in the website, where the learner listens to the pronunciation of different English words from an English native speaker and he or she can practice the pronunciation a couple of times until they get a firm grasp on the accent and pronunciation.

Watch here a great video by Muhammad Akmal coach:


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