How to Do SEO for a Website?

By M.Akmal
May 21, 2024

An SEO client offer you to work on SEO for his/her website, but you don’t know where to start SEO for the website; right? In this video, Imran Shafi is going to share complete SEO process.

So, you have a website and want to start SEO for that particular website? The complete process of SEO is given below that will show you how to work step by step:

SEO Audit and Onsite SEO Working

This is the first and foremost thing that you need to do while starting an SEO campaign for a website.

Conduct an SEO audit for the website to know the strength and weaknesses of that particular project.

Evaluate the weak areas of the website and ask you developer and designer to fix them.

You can use woorank SEO tool to audit your website.

After getting all issues resolve that you found during SEO audit phase, the next thing is to revise onsite SEO.

Prepare a checklist of onsite elements and then make sure all the elements are complying with the Google algorithm.

Check Meta info on each page, image alt text, internal linking, content length, URL structure etc.

Leave the Website for Index

Once onsite SEO is done, leave the website for index.

Add website to Google webmasters and Google analytics, submit to other search engines as well.

Approximately, your website will take 2-3 weeks to index properly.

Start Link Building

Now it’s time to craft your link building strategy.

Explore competitor’s backlinks and start building links for your website using the same resources.

Segment your offsite SEO strategy and start building links accordingly.

SEO Reports

At month end, prepare SEO reports, including keywords ranking report, link building and traffic analytics to communicate website owner/client over your SEO strategy performance.

To get more on SEO process step by step, watch complete video below:

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