How to Improve Your English writing Skills?

By M.Akmal
March 3, 2020

Proficiency in a language means not only knowing how to speak and read the language, it also means being able to write down the language in clear and understandable terms.

Writing is a method of communication because it is considered as one of the means used to pass on messages.

Therefore when writing you should ensure that your message is clear and easily comprehended for effective communication Skills.

Good writing is a skill and as with any other means of perfecting a skill there is need for practice.

There are no people who are born good writers. Their good writing skills have developed over time and have been refined due to constant practice.

It takes time and so if you want to be an excellent writer you must be patient.

Each and every person who wants to be an excellent writer has a reason that is driving them to improve their skill.

Most of the people who may want to improve their writing may be seeking to improve their skills because of work-related reasons.

They may be students at any level of schooling who may have writing related projects like dissertation. There are also a few others who may want to start their own blogs and so as to drive traffic to their sites they may want catchy content.

Others may be learning the language such as English for the first time; they may therefore need some guidance on how to write well.

The following are four tips to improve English writing skills suitable for anyone.

Practicing on a daily basis

Habits are created when actions are done constantly and uniformly through a fortnight.

Therefore, create a habit of writing all the time on a daily basis.

If you are new to the language, you should write in the language that you are trying to learn.

To make writing continuous impulsive actions carry with you a journal or a shorthand book.

Journalizing your daily events or noting down reminders in the English language will greatly improve your writing skills.

This is because as you constantly write and diarize important things, you may keep looking at the journal as a reminder of things that you ought to do.

Since you keep reading the diary you would want the things read to be legible and easily understandable.

Additionally the fact that you are using one journal means that everything written down is kept in one place.

This enables you to note down your progress in writing and also keeps things more organized. 

Write about anything

Do not restrict yourself on only writing academic stuff, sometimes it can get boring. Instead, just write, write about anything.

Write about your day; how you feel, what things or people you have come across during the day.

Writing widely also improves your vocabulary as you would want to know the names of different things you write about.

You can carry with you a dictionary or any other reference material in case you get stuck.

Writing about anything and constantly can really help, especially if you want to become a writer, who writes books and blogs.

For those who are preparing for a writing exam such as IELTS writing test you may want to write on the things that are most likely to be tested.

You can make drafts of the writing test, practicing over and over again.

The main advantage of writing constantly especially in preparation of a writing exam is that the more you write and reread your drafts, the easier it will be to note down the mistakes and correct them.

Read out loud

Writing is not just about putting words together just for the sake of it, you should be able to make sense of the things that you are writing on.

Sometimes what may look like appropriately structured words to you may actually not make sense to another person.

A helpful tip would be to read what you have written backwards. In this way you are able to read each sentence in isolation, therefore you have to make sense of each sentence.

You can then be able to know whether you have used the right punctuation marks, or whether you have spelt every word appropriately.

Ask for assistance

Alternatively you could ask a friend or a native English speaker who knows good writing skills to help you.

Learning alone is not the wisest route to take; receiving feedback from different people who read what you have written creates an inflow of ideas.

Remember that even the most renowned writers have received a lot of criticism regarding their writing.

You should therefore never feel embarrassed about asking for someone’s help.


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