5 Tips for Learning English Grammar through English Music

By M.Akmal
March 6, 2020

So, you may be thinking that learning English is also possible for the destined few; maybe they were born with it.

Maybe they were just born quick learners and good language orators.

However, this may not be actually true; it may be that the technique you are using to learn is not just suited for you.

You may be taking long English classes that extend for a three to two hour periods and seem not to be grasping any English grammar or vocabulary yet.

This should not discourage you; maybe it is time to use more adventurous and interesting methods like music.

Here are a few tips to fast and effective learning of English.

Choose the Appropriate Songs

For effective learning you need to choose songs that address your English grammar directly.

The most important part for using songs to learn effectively is choosing the song itself.

You need to realize that some songs may not be using appropriate English; their main content may be slang. This is English that has been influenced or corrupted by other languages, in short broken English.

So, select songs that use good English and have a wide positive acknowledgement on their correct English usage.

Learning also takes time, and music that runs too fast will not be of any help to your English grammar.

Therefore, choose songs that are moderately run, which you can be able to decipher clearly on the kind of words being used.

Good Vibes

The only mental stimulation that one can have as a learner is to be constantly interested in what you are learning.

Listening to boring music is just a gateway to losing interest in learning the language.

You should therefore choose songs that you can hit replay a couple of times in a day.

In the event that you do not even understand what you are listening to, you can keep the words in replay in your mind.

I should also stress that you should use songs that have the words clearly spelt out.

In the music industry, there is a tendency to shorten words to form lyrics that flow and rhyming words.

Steer away from listening to hard metal and rap music.

Pop music should be among your first options, it usually focuses on romance and love stories.

These songs may be sung in a slow tune where words are catchy and repeated and can easily be understood.

Sometimes it may be a great option to learn basic songs for example nursery school or middle school songs.

The songs are short, they talk about easily relatable things and they are repetitive improve your recall abilities.

This may be most suitable for beginner learners those who have not yet grasped the simple basics of English grammar.

Make an in Depth Analysis of the Song Being Sung

A technique that may prove useful when listening to the songs is having a pen in hand and writing down all the unfamiliar words.

An added advantage is that when you put the song on replay you can repeat the lyrics over and over again until you catch the words said.

You can look at the written down words from time to time to remind you of the words said.

You can also listen to the song in whole and then try to write down the words after the song has finished playing.

Keep Singing

Singing to a tune that you love not only makes you feel relieved, but it also releases the felt good hormones ‘endorphins’ that make you feel relaxed.

You should not be worried that you are singing the wrong things unless you are singing in the presence of strangers.

Anxiety is the last thing to have if you want to make the process of learning easier.

Singing along with the musician also enables you to have a firm grasp on how you should pronounce certain words.

Your mouth and tongue will be accustomed to forming the right shapes for the right pronunciation of the words.

The songs should also be in variety such that if you get bored with one song due to having listened to it repetitively you can swiftly move to the next song.

Scientists have proven that if you try something once hard enough and then leave it for a while, the next time you embark on the same thing you may be successful in doing it to completion.

So, use the same concept when learning English through music, listen to the English song the first time for a while, and then listen to another song finally go back and listen to the English song a second time.

This time you can sing along to ensure you have gotten the words right.


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