How to learn English Online with a full Time Job

By M.Akmal
March 4, 2020

There are many factors that may lead a person to begin learning a language when they are currently engaged in other pressing activities.

These factors include having a hectic work schedule, emergence of life changing situations such as moving into an English speaking country for work purposes or for further studies.

Learning English becomes the only option for effective communication among peers and between workmates and bosses.

These among other long listed responsibilities and circumstances may be the precursor factors leading up to learning English at an old age.

So, in the past most learners would find it difficult to enroll in English classes coupled with their busy work or school schedules.

However, this has recently changed with the availability and ease of accessing online learning fronts.

It is now possible for adult learners to learn the English language to better relations and generally as a matter of convenience.

The following are a few of the highlighted benefits of English online learning suitable for busy adult learners.

Improves Your Recall Abilities

Online learning is a tool of learning that can be used by any person regardless of the background, age or gender.

It is a very personalized method of learning because it gives the learner the opportunity to learn any subject of choice at their own pace.

It is also provides a wide array of advantages such as one can learn at their own time, in their prescribed terms and wherever they choose.

This is as long as one has the access to the necessary internet connection facilities.

Now because the learner has the option of choosing the pace at which they learn and their terms of learning, their knowledge retention levels are heightened and this consequently improves their recall abilities.

As an English learner you may want to know how to speak the language, how to position the mouth and the tongue while talking and how to talk fluently.

Online English courses have a wide variety of learning models such as use of videos and podcasts.

The English learner can watch the videos in an unrushed manner and be able to acquire the information at a first-hand basis.

It is Schedule Friendly

As had been mentioned before the online courses a very user friendly, you can easily access the lessons at any time during the day and learn the content when you are free during the day.

As an English language learner being in a constant learner mode makes the learning process easier.

This is because your brain is wired to absorb the new content at any time during the day.

Learning the English language requires constant practice of speaking and writing the language, in order to acquire knowledge on the English tenses and to be able to learn new vocabulary.

Additionally, for those who have busy schedules it fits perfectly into their routine, because you are not obliged to attend classes or engage in mandatory learning events as part of a course schedule.

Lastly you also have the option of downloading important content that you can keep as reminders which can be accessible at any time in case of lack of an internet connection.

Customizing the Learning Process

Learning is an experience, scientists have discovered that your recall abilities can be enhanced by or degraded by the experience you had at the time of learning.

Online learning takes advantage of this fact and provides a wide array of different learning methods, suited to the user’s needs.

Busy adult English learners can acquire a customized learning module, which they can have control over.

This means that it gives the learner the opportunity to further analyze a topic that interests them.

For example if you are learning about pronunciation of words you can have access to videos provided by English learning websites such as or you can look up the spelling and pronunciation in an online English dictionary.

As a busy learner getting stuck at hard English modules can quickly slow down the learning process leaving you feeling discouraged and tired.

However, this does not have to be the case you can save the harder English modules for review at a later time when it is convenient for you.

Does not need Drastic Changes

The reason why most English learners are opting for online classes is because they would want to make drastic changes that would affect their personal lives or work obligations.

Choosing between your career, your personal life and your education is a hard choice from the onset.

Additionally, no one would want to be in such a situation, where they have conflicting obligations that all require attention.

Online learning does not pose such conflicts within your life; this is because you can be able to learn anywhere and at any time.

It also motivates you because you participate actively in the learning process, you can even engage family members and friends in this experience, which makes it even more interesting.   

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