Hakayat E Rumi | How Do Find Real Success and Happiness?

By M.Akmal
May 18, 2022

There are some people in our lives whose arrival brings a unique joy and unique feelings to our hearts.

How to maintain the happiness that comes in your life?

How to find true happiness and success?

This video will guide you.

If you want to shine your life with success and peace, watch this full video.

Muhammad Akmal is sharing with you some very important things that will make you understand the meaning of real success and peace.

A rare way to be successful and happy is to share happiness with people.

The rule of life is that what you give to others you will get.

So if you want happiness for yourself, share happiness with people, if you want success, help people to succeed, if you want to be rich, share what you have more than you need.

The world is running on an ecosystem, it returns to you what you leave to the people.

A good and settled person always respects others.

When you think well of someone, their inner goodness comes to you.

If you cultivate good, you will reap well, and if you cultivate evil, you will reap evil.

Spread confidence and happiness in people through your attitudes, habits, lifestyle; your life will be filled with happiness.

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    20 minutes ago11-01-2021

    Asslam U Alaikum Respectable Sir, MA SHA ALLAH much better speech sir.its touch our heart.i'am a university student.i study (entire study life raata) system.but i feel soo bad.my english is too bad.Dear please tell me how to improve my english. i'am much fan of you.i watch your video's.your are best motivator like Qasim Ali Shah sb....?


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      20 minutes ago06-01-2022



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