How to Do Video SEO | YouTube Video Ranking Tips 2020

By M.Akmal
February 13, 2020

How to rank your video in 2020?

Learn video SEO and video marketing to rank videos fast on YouTube.

SEO can’t be ignored, when it comes to the video ranking.

Local SEO and eCommerce SEO are considered important factors in video optimization or YouTube rankings.

Audience retention is another important factor to boost your videos; analyzing audience retention sensibly, you can increase your video's watch time.

YouTube tags or keywords are also considered very much important to rank your videos on YouTube.

A wise YouTube keyword research can take your video to the most relevant people.

YouTube video title and description are important part of the YouTube video ranking strategy.

Write your video title and adjust your 2-3 main keywords in title.

Write description based on your researched keywords.

Prepare Meta data for your video according to the YouTube guidelines.

YouTube loves quality vs quantity.

So, prepare high quality video with rich content.

Edit your video with rich call to actions and other elements.

If you don’t know how to edit videos for YouTube, then visit the skills to learn video editing from home.

The Thumbnail is also an important factor that plays a key role in your video ranking.

A rich thumbnail with powerful message has potential to get more clicks and more users ultimately.

Create powerful thumbnails for your video which should have high CTR (click through rate).

Do want more subscribers and views on your videos? Do it with search engine optimization.

Learn SEO to rank your videos and bring more traffic to your channel.

Link building is a powerful way to build your channel authority, so create backlinks for your every video to bring more clicks to your video.


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